• "Success always demands greater effort.”


    What does it mean to be a Gator Volleyball player?

    Persistence:  You have high standards, attainable goals, and embrace the “hard.”

    Champion standards:  You set the expectation and get back to work after errors.

    Good sportsmanship:  Win or lose, we will be a class act!  

    Respect: You represent your team ALL the time and there are always a lot of eyes on you--many of them are young kids who look up to you--what will your legacy be?

    Responsibility and accountability:    If you have plans, state fair, family trips, etc…  It is YOUR responsibility to talk to your coach.  It is your job to talk to your parents about your role on the team.

    Commitment:  School comes first, but you must be committed to your team--teammates are watching.

    Fun The joy of the journey is in the ride--make it memorable!

Last Modified on August 20, 2023