Online Class Overview!!!! Please read

  • Math is NOT a spectator subject, you have to participate to be good!!!   


    I am trying to lessen the "stress" by not adding "new" apps and "new things to do"! 

    Postings are in Google Classroom AND in my teacher school web page.

      ONLINE CLASSES for 7th and 8th grade:   

                                        Daily Assignments are the AM Exercises online 

                                        A.M. practices/tests needed for Mid-Quarter and End Quarter Pts 

                                        Study Island needed for Mid-Quarter and End 0f Quarter Pts

      ONLINE CLASSES for 9th grade:

                                         Daily Assignments are the AM Exercises online

                                         AM Tests for EXTRA pts


    I will keep ALL informed through Google Classroom   

     Take Care of yourselves while you are on this unscheduled break!!

    Play outside and get fresh air!


    MATH ROCKS!!!    
    Ms. JoLeah Hasson
    High School Math Teacher
    (7th - Geometry)
    Greenbush Campus
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