Mrs. Tina Taus
    Middle School English
     Planting Seeds of Knowledge 2018
     Hello students and families!  September 3rd is the first day of my 22nd year of teaching and the first day of my 16th year teaching in the GMR District! This past summer I've been busy perculating on what to change/keep/enhance when it comes to the English curruiculum.  In the morning, my room  glows...come be apart of the magic!
    What did you do to challenge yourself?
    Manitou Incline
     Getting rougher!!
    Almost done!  
    Done!!  What a rush!  
    Going down on the Barr Trail!  
    My family...
    Me and My Daughter  
    My Son  
     My Son
     My husband, son, & daughter
     Tamara and William
    William with Woody & Walter
    Walter, William, & Michael