• Debbie Aune
    Elementary/High School Art
    1-218-782-2231 Ext. 212 (GB)

    Art, if taught right, is a subject where creative problem-solving is an every-day skill. In my art classes all brain-cylinders are firing! When we grid, measure, and draw we use geometry. When kids sculpt they’re engineering ideas. When we mix colors the laws of physics are revealed. When we create illustrations for our crazy stories we learn about literature. When da Vinci and Van Gogh appear we learn art history. We write in virtually every art class therefore we’re strengthening writing skills. Cookie-cutter art projects are not acceptable. When we create works of art, we solve complex visual problems.

    GATOR art students are hungry for challenges; they ARE fearless! I’m privileged to lead such a progressive student body through and in the arts. Thank you families for supporting the ARTS. 

    Robyn Aune, winner of the 2005 State Youth Art Month Flag Decorating Contest 
    Alexis Reese, winner of the 2008 State Youth Art Month Flag Decorating Contest
    Zach Berg, "Spotlight on the Arts" award    2011    MSHSL Regional Art Show: sculpture
    Derek Nelson, "SoA" award, (Spotlight on the Arts)  2012   MSHSL Regional Art Show: print making
    Tanya Beaulieu, "SoA" award 2013 MSHSL Regional Art Show: crafts
    Kristy Williamson, "SoA" award 2014 MSHSL Regional Art Show, print making
    Amanda Gram, "SoA" award 2015 MSHSL Regional Art Show, print making
    Amy Stauffenecker, "SoA" award 2016 MSHSL Regional Art Show, print making
    Debbie Aune