1.  Develop student's knowledge/interest in government through hands on experience.

    2.  Strengthen student's knowledge in current events.

    3.  Develop student's ability to debate issues and government concepts.

    4.  Develop student's ability to make a large group presentation.

    5.  Enhance student's knowledge of New York City, Washington D.C. and the

         United States Capital.



         Close-up is an intense study of government and current issues facing the United States.  Although the focus of the class is your trip, (March 16-24) we will try to prepare you for the trip to make it more enjoyable.  This is a graded class and your best effort should be used.  If at any time you should miss a day of class please get any notes or information from another person in the class.  Any student with more than 2 Close-Up class tardies will have their membership to the program reconsidered.  Also, come prepared for class.  Make sure you have paper and writing utensils, as we will be doing various opinion debates and speeches.  This class should be fun for all and will end with a hard but exciting trip to the United States Capital and New York City.



         A majority of your assignments will be due a few weeks after you get back from your trip.  We will, however, do daily debates/speeches so participation and attendance will encompass a large portion of your grade.  The grade scale is listed at the bottom.  I have also listed some assignments that we WILL be doing:

    1.  Three speeches (Informative, Persuasion, Demonstrative)

    2.  Daily written journal while you’re on your trip.

    3.  3 typed 1-3 page papers on any three seminars or sites you attend while on your trip.

    4.  Group thank you presentation that will be given to the people who have donated money and

         made this trip possible.

    5.  1 day plan of sites you would like to see in New York City and Washington D.C.



    100%-93%  =   A

     92%-90%   =   A-

     89%-87%   =   B+

     86%-83%   =   B

     82%-80%   =   B-

     79%-77%   =   C+

     76%-73%   =   C

     72%-70%   =   C-

     69%-67%   =   D+

     66%-63%   =   D

     62%-60%   =   D-

        < - 60%   =   I or F



                                          CLOSE-UP IS ABOUT

                          23            CLOSE-UP VIDEO AND FIRST VOTE VIDEO

                          24            WASHINGTON D.C. SLIDE PRESENTATION

                          25            CURRENT ISSUES DISCUSSION (INFORMATIVE SPEECH

                                          TOPICS DUE)

                          28            CURRENT ISSUES DISCUSSION

                          29            INFORMATIVE SPEECH (3-5 MINUTES)

                          30            INFORMATIVE SPEECH (3-5 MINUTES)

                          31            INFORMATIVE SPEECH (3-5 MINUTES)


                            4            WASHINGTON D.C. VIDEO

                            5            CURRENT EVENTS

                            6            CURRENT EVENTS

                            7            DEMONSTRATIVE SPEECH (3-5 MINUTES)

                            8            DEMONSTRATIVE SPEECH (3-5 MINUTES)

                          11            HOLOCAUST VIDEO

                          12            HOLOCAUST VIDEO (PERSUASION SPEECH TOPICS DUE)

                          13            HOLOCAUST VIDEO

                          14            PERSUASION SPEECH (5-7 MINUTES)

                          15            PERSUASION SPEECH (5-7 MINUTES)

                          19            PERSUASION SPEECH (5-7 MINUTES)

                          20            CURRENT ISSUES DISCUSSION/DEBATE

                          21            CURRENT ISSUES DISCUSSION/DEBATE         

                          22            PLAN/RESEARCH OFF DAYS ON TRIP

                          25            PLAN/RESEARCH OFF DAYS ON TRIP

                          26            CIVICS REVIEW (POLITICAL PARTIES)

                          27            CIVICS REVIEW (HOUSE & SENATE) (BILL BECOMING A LAW)

                          28            CIVICS REVIEW (ELECTORAL COLLEGE & PRESIDENT)

    MARCH         1            CIVICS REVIEW (SUPREME COURT)

                            4            CURRENT EVENTS GAME

                            5            CURRENT EVENTS GAME

                            6            WHITE HOUSE VIDEO

                            7            WHITE HOUSE VIDEO

                            8            WHITE HOUSE VIDEO

                          11            CURRENT ISSUES DISCUSSION/DEBATE

                          12            CURRENT ISSUES DISCUSSION/DEBATE

                          13            CURRENT ISSUES DISCUSSION/DEBATE 

                          14            TRIP PLANNING/QUESTIONS

                          15            TRIP PLANNING/QUESTIONS

                       16-24          WASHINGTON D.C. & NEW YORK CITY    HERE WE COME!!!!!!

                          25            REFLECT

                          26            PICTURE EXCHANGE

                          27            END OF CLASS/TURN IN PAPERS AND JOURNAL BY APRIL 8