• Dr. Cindra Kamphoff spoke at the MVI Spring Coaches Clinic 2019 about grit, confidence, and practices that athletes and coaches can use to gain the high-performance edge.  Attached are two handouts she has created that highlight the top 10.  My notes are posted below...


    Beyond Grit:  Embracing Passion and Purpose to Gain the High-Performance Edge


    High Performance is…  the daily pursuit of excellence and the quest to reach your greater potential.  (Daily pursuit of your best).

    *Focus on every opportunity that your receive.


    Dominate the Controllables

    • Let go of a mistake and move on.
    • Be in the present
    • Attitude, effort/emotions, passion/purpose
    • Let go of comparison--I want to be better than I am right now…


    Master your Thoughts

    • Change the meaning--what if everything happened FOR you, not to you?
    • Everything starts with a thought (Thought--feeling--action--habits--destiny)
    • How to address the ants (automatic negative thoughts).  
      • Catch it/notice it
      • Address it/let it go
      • Refocus it


    Own the Moment

    • Commit to the NOW
    • You can do anything and be anything in the present moment
    • Present moment--focus on awareness first and choice second


    Three Powerful Thought Principles

    1. Thoughts only have power if you believe them (You don’t need to believe everything you think)
    2. The best talk to themselves--not listen.  Preplanned self talk--what do yousay to the moments that matter
    3. I will… I can…  I am… (What will you do, potential, who you are)


    Building Mental Toughness and Confidence in Your Athletes


    Mental toughness is…  a developed edge. No one is born mentally tough.  You have to develop it. Mentally tough athletes persevere through difficult challenges, consistently perform at their best, are self-aware, remain determined, focused, confident and controlled under pressure


    Training your mind is a constant effort and it can be developed from positive and negative experiences.  You can change the meaning of what happens (for you vs to you).


    Ways to Build Mental Toughness

    • Create autonomy supportive environment
    • Build trust (one-on-one meetings/questionnaires, etc…)
    • Foster autonomy
    • Be challenging but encouraging (praise, critique, motivate)
    • Reflect--How were you challenged?  What can you do better next time?


    Confidence is your trust in yourself and your ability.  It’s the certainty that you will be successful.

    It takes continuous effort and it’s a choice to be confident.


    High performers make a daily choice to be confident.  It is your choice!


    Ways to Build Confidence

    • Remind yourself why you’ve been successful
    • Confidence resume--highlight your successes


    3 Steps to Deal with Mistakes

    • Learn (next time…)
    • Burn (let it go)
    • Return (confident body language and self-talk.  Our behavior is the mistake; it’s not us)


    Body language….  Walk, talk, and look like a champion-it’s the key to becoming one. (power pose)

    Don’t “wear your mistake”--don’t give that power to the other team...


    Beyond Grit: Building Confidence


    Top 10 Practices

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