Literature 10 Syllabus



    Literature 10

    Mrs. Stacy Dahl         sdahl@greenbush.k12.mn.     

    Spring Semester


    Course Description:  In this course, students are exposed to classic and contemporary novels, Greek mythology, and poetry.  Daily discussion on themes, real world issues, and literary elements fuel the class.   Students practice speaking in front of an audience through debate and class presentations and work both independently and collaboratively.  Formal writing is stressed as students write a MLA documented paper as well as several other formal writing pieces for different audiences and purposes.

    Course Objectives:  Life is full of questions.  Literature helps students answer them.  In English 10, students will be exposed to a variety of literary and writing genres.  During the class, they will expand their vocabularies, develop critical thinking skills, and develop an appreciation for the different genres of literature and writing.   

    Literature 10 Units of Study:                                                            

    Novel:                                                                                      Authors:

    To Kill a Mockingbird                                                        Harper Lee

    My Sister’s Keeper                                                     Jodi Picoult

    Divergent                                                                    Veronica Roth 

    Greek Mythology

    The Gods, Creation, and the Earliest Heroes                              Edith Hamilton


    Pyramus andThisbe

    Pygmalion and Galatea





    Antigone                                                                                            Sophocles

    NativeAmerican Study

    Trickster Graphic Collection of Native American Tales





    Poems from the text

    Variety of writing activities



    Attendence/Participation                             15%                              Tests                            35%

    Quizzes                                                           15%                              Papers/Projects          35%

    I do not accept late work!  If you have issues, please make arrangements ahead of time.


    English Grading:

    96-100                       A

    93-95                          A-

    90-92                         B+

    86-89                          B

    83-85                          B-

    80-82                         C+

    76-79                          C

    73-75                          C-

    70-72                         D

    Below 70                    F

    The Daily Grind:

    Wefollow this routine nearly every day.

    Free Read:  For the first 10 minutes of class, students will free read.  They can read either an AR book, review their reading assignment, or start reading the next day’s assignment.  This is NOT work time, so students will be redirected to read if they are scrambling to get the day’s assignment done.

    No Red Ink---We will use the No Red Ink program to practice and review usage and mechanics in grammar.

    Discussion:  Often I give reading check quizzes to make sure students are reading and understanding the material.  We discuss the story or novel out loud and usually have writing assignments that correlate with themes or the topics we’re discussing.  When we cover drama, we read the play aloud in class.

    Work:  Students usually receive some work time everyday to complete their homework assignment. This varies as far as time, so for students to do their best work, they may have to work outside of class.   Any other down time can be used for AR reading or other coursework.

    AR tests:  Students will sign up for 4 books (minimum 4.8 level/10 points—if you find one that you think might work, have me look it over) on their AR Contract and turn in 4 tests the semester—2 per quarter.  I usually plan 3-4 weeks between AR tests.  Novels that we are reading in class do NOT count towards their AR test.  At least 1 AR book must be turned in from the“English Must Read List.”  AR construct presentations will be presented each quarter.

    Teacher Website:  remember to check m ywebsite on our school’s webpage.  I do post our weekly plan and will attach our handouts there…  It is a great resource for you when you lose your copy or if you’ve been absent. Check this or a friend BEFORE you talk to me!

    Literature 10 Classroom Expectations:

    ·        Respect will be exhibited at all times toward others and their property.


    ·        Students will come to class on time BEFORE the bell rings with all essential materials for class---notebooks,textbooks, writing utensils, etc….  Once you are here, you do not leave.  Take care of bathroom duties, drinks…  before the bell rings.  I give many tardies to students who are late!


    ·        Cellphones and devices are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!   They are allowed by the instructor’s discretion.  You will be told when they are to be used, otherwise, they should be turned off and either put away or facing face down in the top right hand corner of your desk.  School is your workplace!  If you are using technology inappropriately at a job, you will be reprimanded or fired. If this is an issue, you will lose the privilege to use a device in my class. 


    ·        No disrupting behaviors.  We are in class to learn, so we need to use our time to be focused on the task at hand. 


    ·        Students must be prepared to hand in assignments due at the very beginning of class.  Projects are due the day assigned.  You must find a way to get it in!  Unless arrangements have been made with the teacher, you MUST present or turn in your work.  Make arrangements with your group if you know you will be gone.

    ·        Any “copied”work or cheating on AR tests will receive a 0 for both parties.  This includes plagiarism on papers too.  All work MUST be documented if you consulted another source.


    ·        Late work is NOT accepted.


    ·        YOU are responsible for your grades; you choose to complete assignments and study for tests.  I do not give grades---you earn your grades.  As long as you put forth the effort and complete your work, you will do well.

    “Make it a good day, or make it a great one.  It doesn’t matter.  The choice is yours."