• Grades

    What Do Letter Grades Mean?


    A=represents outstanding distinction and excellence.  There are not impossible to achieve but are rare and difficult to come by.  A majority of the class does not receive this grade.

    Papers have ”Wow” Factor.  It’s exemplary—excellent.  Paper starts with a sound introduction and wraps up with an excellent conclusion.  There’s a strong thesis statement that’s unique and stands out—all topic sentences and concluding sentences enhance main point.  Points flow smoothly in a logical organization.  There is depth, insight, clarity, and profound thought throughout entire work.  Sentence structure is varied throughout, and word choice is exceptionally strong throughout.

    B=signifies levels of solid accomplishment and goodness.  Good is more common than excellent but more rare than average.  while there is merit to hard work and long hours, it does not always guarantee success.  Goodness refers to the combined results and not just the effort.

    Paper is above average.  This has all the elements of an A paper, but it’s not as insightful or as in depth.  There are parts of the paper that don’t flow as smoothly as they should.  It lacks depth but still makes good points.  There is insight, but overall the paper is inconsistent.  There are a few glaringly obvious grammatical errors.

    C=signifies average-common, adequate but ordinary.  This is a respectable level, however, and the most common grade.  Recognize what more is needed; plan to move ahead, improve, and grow.

    The paper has a thesis and there is basic structure to it.  Attempt has been made to show good point, but sentence structure and word choice lacks flair.  There is not unity to the paper—rambling and off topic.  Many grammatical errors are present throughout final draft.

    D=represents results less than standard and/or mediocre.  Recognize that you truly do not understand what is expected and/or you have not made the effort necessary.

    This is a hasty effort.  Student has not taken time to organize thoughts.  Thesis lacks depth, there’s not good support.  Final product is very sloppy and loaded with errors.

    F= is a clear failure.  It represents lack of effort/interest.  It is a cause for deep concern.

    Papers may be plagiarized or there is extremely poor writing and carelessness in the work.