Gator Volleyball 
    "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success."
    Attributes of a Good Team
    • Share a common goal--They give all of themselves in the relentless pursuit of that goal.
    • Trusts in each other--They trust each other to build the strength of the team.
    • Passion for excellence--Every contact means something.  This will drive a team to improve.
    • Good communication--There is constant talk about what has just happened or what is likely to happen.
    • Plays with emotion--Teammates draw strength from each other.
    • Feeds off each other--A team player will give to the team, even when she isn't necessarily having a great day at performing.
    • Loves what it is doing--There is nothing they would rather be doing than working with their teammates.
    • Put in extra work--They want areas of weakness to become a strength.
    • Demonstrates strong leadership--There is a standard of excellence to follow.
    Volleyball is about teamwork, unity, strength, poise, will to win, sacrifice, and hard work! 
    Videos by Emily Pearl Photography
Last Modified on April 21, 2022