• Right Now

    We wish it was summer RIGHT NOW as we are excited and ready to get back into the gym!  Teams and schedule are posted below.  Because these are unsanctioned tourneys, summer waivers MUST be signed for each individual tourney for an athlete to participate.  If they don't have a signed waiver, they cannot play.  I will post these on the website, and athletes will be given waivers at practices.  Each player will play in 4 tournaments.  There is a rotation for 16U and 10U to reduce the number of athletes at each tourney so kids get more playing time.  If you need to switch, please communicate with others in that age level.

    Gyms are steamy, so water bottles and snacks/lunches are necessary!  Wishing you all a fun, competitive summer!  Have a ball!

    Below is the summer calendar--please pay attention to your age group and the rotation list  (16/10U). 

    Right Now Summer Calendar Revised May 31


    Delyla Carpenter

    Noella Christianson

    Lauren Dvergsten

    Amity Foss

    Camber Foss

    Raeleena Friesner

    Onah Gregerson

    Paige Gust

    Emily Pulk

    Tatum Snare

    Hallie Walsh

    Swayze Wiskow

    10U Right Now Summer Tournament Rotation


    Kaeleigh Anderson

    Ava Gust

    Anna Mooney

    Madilyn Pulk

    Kloey Rood

    Charley Walsh


    Lexie Dahl

    Addison Dvergsten

    Kate Harder

    Sierra Landsrud

    Maycee Olson

    Ava Warne

    Chaya Westman

    14U Purple

    Mya Bennett

    Kylie Snare

    Aubrey Eeg

    Khloe Fletcher

    Maria Mooney

    Cale Lindland

    Jocelyn Waage

    14U Green

    Zairyn Wimpfheimer

    Teagan Landsrud

    Kailey Hanson

    Ava Christianson

    Madison Olson

    Bella Anderson

    Daizy Hanson

    Adalynn Sorenson


    Ada Lee

    Jordan Lee

    Brooklyn Wahl

    Sierra Westberg

    Clara Bergsnev

    Julia Dostal

    Jaci Hanson

    Brylie Kjersten

    Raegon Kuznia

    Rhiana Utter

    Quinn Vacura

    Katelyn Waage

    Right Now 16U Summer Rotation


    Cassie Dahl

    Riley Gust

    Kinsley Hanson

    Jade Reese

    Hannah Bergsnev

    Honna Westlund

    Keyasha Housker

    Kenzie Dahl



Last Modified on May 31, 2022